The Kingdom of Bhutan has huge birding opportunities with a recorded 750 species

Bhutan may be a small country, just shy of 40000 kilometres square but the country does experience some very diverse and extreme weather conditions. The southern part of the country is warm and tropical in nature. The north is very cold with snow being a year round possibility. The western part of Bhutan is that which experiences the Monsoon season so a Bhutan birding tour should be avoided during this period. Clothing for the Bhutan birding tour should be packed appropriately to meet all of these weather conditions as these different areas provide different birding species, so all will be a part of the tour.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has huge birding opportunities with a recorded 750 species which can be found in the country. All areas with the different weather patterns will be visited during a Bhutan birding tour. This is because the country is so small, that there is not much time wasted by travelling. All of the travelling during a Bhutan birding tour is done by road vehicles. They come standard as part of most tour packages. Tour packages will also include accommodation and tour guides as well as meals during the stay in Bhutan. They also prepare guests for what to expect in a country that not much is known about. Packages also include what exactly should be brought along and what will be provided by the tour company. The many climates mentioned means that a wide variety of clothes from summer to winter wear will need to be packed.


Exact items will be given in a list, so as to avoid over packing. Guests in a specific Bhutan birding tour group will travel in one vehicle so bringing along heavy and large bags will take up a lot of space in the vehicle plus it will be a hassle to cart around to the various places. It will also state if photography will be a part of the Bhutan birding tour so that interested individuals do not have to bring along their expensive equipment or invest in waterproof cameras.

In addition to giving a certain degree of preparedness to those going on the Bhutan birding tour there is also the aspect of loyalty rewards. If birders are to be undertaking the Bhutan birding tour with a birding tour company they have used in the past then there is quite a high chance that they will qualify for a reduced rate on this tour. This is because birders do not only make one trip overseas for the chance to see new birding species but will venture out several times because there are different species all over the planet.

The Kingdom of Bhutan only allows tourists into the country if they are going to be a part of a tour group such as a birding tour. Visas are not allowed to an individual person but only through tour companies. The country is very secluded and not much touched by modern amenities. This allows for guests undertaking a Bhutan birding tour to bird watch in a spectacularly natural environment.