The Subantarctic Islands are some of the most pristine and untouched areas of land in the world

The Subantarctic Islands are some of the most pristine and untouched areas of land in the world. A birding tour to this area will yield a massive amount of birds for your birding list. The region is highly protected though and officials do not allow for humans to bombard the area at will. A visit to the Subantarctic Islands can only be done as part of a tour group. A very select amount of companies have licenses to operate tours in the area. In addition, trips can only be done by boat. There are hundreds of islands and since planes are not allowed, this is the only mode of transportation. Since travel is only done by boat it would make sense for the entire trip to be done this way. The Subantarctic Island cruise departs from many ports around the world and during the tour itself, provides the base for rest and transport. Let’s get back to the conservation aspect of the islands. They are so heavily protected that only one travel company is allowed to gives tours at a time.


The numbers per tour are higher than other birding tours and reach up to 40 people. Though this number does seem huge, we need to remember that the Subantarctic Island cruise only takes 40 people per 2 week trip for around 4 months of the year. The rest of the time is simply too cold and dangerous to travel and most birds will have migrated. The Subantarctic Island cruise tour dates are made available to the public from as far back as a year in advance. It is during this time period when you must confirm a spot. Do not leave it so that you give yourself a couple of days to decide whether or not you would want to go on the Subantarctic Island cruise. Spots usually sell out within the week. It is vital to know way back that you and any company you are bringing along are on board with the trip. Confirmation is only done once payment goes through.

Be among the first to be told of upcoming Subantarctic Island cruise tour dates by doing all of your overseas travel with a single company. There is something to be said for loyalty, and reaping the benefits of being a part of the inner circle. Once confirmed for the Subantarctic Island cruise, there are some unique opportunities waiting for you at this seemingly end of the world paradise. Over half of the world’s penguin species can be found sprawled across the many islands. The Subantarctic Island cruise goes through Milford where rare albatrosses wander away in their home territory. Chatham Island is famed for the sheer amount of endemic species on this one island alone. It is so abundant that a full 3 days of the Subantarctic Island cruise are spent venturing out to this one island. The 2 week trip allows for participants to get in an ample amount of birding and never being bored, with the hundreds of species located around the islands and other wildlife making an appearance from sea lions to whales and dolphins.