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How Time Travel Works

Time TravelNEW YORK (Reuters) – Director Richard Curtis’ latest movie About Time,” a time-traveling romantic comedy, started with a conversation between previous friends about happiness and what would make a perfect closing day.

Travel to the future is a relatively straightforward course of, a minimum of compared to backwards time travel. We shall see that essentially the most basic results of special and basic relativity will permit us to make a trek to the longer term. But beware, before we set off to see our grandchildren and nice-grandchildren we needs to be conscious that getting again to our personal time isn’t a straightforward affair and might not be doable in any respect.

Professor Kip Thorne, of the California Institute of Technology, was stimulated, in the summer of 1985, to seek for alternate wormhole options that would enable safe passage for interstellar vacationers. His motivation was a request for help from his …

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