The Pamir Highway tour is an off the beaten track kind of adventure

It is a trip that is likely to stand out from any other holiday because the Pamir Highway is a destination that not too many people want to tackle. The road has the highest elevation point of any highway the world over and though it may seem like a recognition of sorts, it does come with its own set of obstacles. The tour is by no means for the faint of heart, those who expect a fully catered affair or those who are not particularly in the best of health. These concerns must be taken into account before booking into the Pamir Highway tour. If you do meet all of requirements, then you would become one of the handful of people on Earth to tackle this elusive piece of wonder. The Pamir Highway tour is an off the beaten track kind of adventure and as such you are unlikely to run into many other tourists along the way. The first obstacle faced by visitors to the highway is the lack of resources along the way.


There are no lodges and stores are far and few between. This is the first case of the Pamir Highway tour package being worth booking into. The tour will arrange for sleeping quarters, food and showers to be had along the route. The Pamir Highway tour is planned so that the group gets to these designated points, at consistently the right times. This is because the Pamir Highway tour package is meticulously planned. Attempting the highway on your own, and you will not be guaranteed of finding accommodation for the night, or not getting necessities quickly. Leaving this in the hands of professionals who have years of tours under their belts is surely a way to take away all responsibilities from your shoulders and to just enjoy the ride.

The second obstacle that is sure to hinder the ride along the Pamir Highway is the fact that the road crosses between several countries from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan. Any travellers on this road must have permits to be able to continue on immediately once reaching the border checkpoints. Again, the Pamir Highway tour package is inclusive of this paperwork detail. You would not want to be stranded in a foreign country and lose valuable time that could be used for excursions and such. The third obstacle is the language barrier. Communication is vital on the Pamir Highway tour as you would need to liaise with locals regarding accommodation and purchases on a daily basis. This is not simply a matter of going online and booking into a room. Out here, this simply does not exist. Travel companies have their own interpreters who arrange for all of this before the Pamir Highway tour is even due to begin. During the tour itself, it is the tour guide who will handle the finalizing of details to ensure that it is utilized at the given times. Guides are chosen, not just for their knowledge and history with the region but their ability to speak the local dialect.