Oh Where, Oh Where Does The Little Dog Go?

VacationMy husband and I used to make all types of excuses as to why we could not go on trips. That is until we checked out our bank statements and realized with the money we spent on gifts for birthdays and holidays, clothes, and native attractions such as fairs and avenue carnivals, we could have saved for a household vacation and made long lasting recollections.

About a third of the ladies had already booked the retreat and had been common meditators, whereas the remaining 70 had no historical past of meditating. Half of the non-meditators have been randomly assigned to the yoga/meditation program and the other half were randomly assigned to vacation only. Good back end housekeeping and upkeep portals. (my cleansing groups’ really just like the system) They are a bit confusing at first and I think an internet tutorial would assist prepare housekeepers.

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Bonus vacation or choppy nightmare? Here’s what it’s like on a cruise ship stuck at sea during a hurricane

There’s always a possibility of bad weather and rough seas when you go on a cruise, but cruise lines are well prepared to change course if an approaching storm could be too dangerous to navigate. There are also contingencies if they are unable to return to port as scheduled. Right now, all those playbooks have been dusted off and are in use.

On Monday, Sept. 26, as Hurricane Ian was closing in on Florida, Disney Wish left Port Canaveral for a four-night Bahamas cruise with planned stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island, before a planned return to Port Canaveral on Friday, Sept. 30.

But with Hurricane Ian a dangerous Category 4 storm making landfall in Central Florida, Port Canaveral closed and has ceased all operations until further notice.

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Without the option to return to Florida as originally scheduled, Disney

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Turkish tourists prefer Balkan countries for vacation

ISTANBUL – Demirören News Agency

Turkish tourists prefer Balkan countries for vacation

Balkan countries are the foremost choice of Turks for holidaying thanks to visa liberalization, geographical proximity, cultural partnership, affordability and low exchange rates.


“The Balkans are very attractive to Turkish tourists as they offer visa-free travel, are affordable, and are close to Türkiye,” said Muhammet Ali Köprü, the head of a tour operator company, Malitur. He noted that while tourism has been one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic, the demands have reached high levels with the normalization.

Underlining that the Balkans is a popular destination in all seasons, Köprü said: “Turkish citizens prefer countries that do not require visas for an easier holiday. The Balkans is the optimum choice for historical and cultural travels, rather than the classic beach vacation.”

Köprü also pointed out that it is very possible to come across many Ottoman artifacts in cities such as Sarajevo, Skopje,

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Internet Backs Dad Who Left ‘Ungrateful’ Family In ‘Squalor’ On Vacation

A father who eventually became frustrated with the way things were going on a family vacation he paid for was backed by fellow Reddit users on the popular “Am I the A**hole” forum for leaving and booking a hotel room for himself.

“AITA for leaving my family in ‘squalor’ and going to a ‘resort,'” u/Murky_Ad_193 asked in his postwhich amassed more than 11,000 votes since it was published on Wednesday.

He said he decided to pay for a vacation that included his immediate family and several in-laws. When things went downhill, u/Murky_Ad_193, who heard nothing but complaints, decided to book a room at a hotel.

Frustrated Father on Vacation
Above, a stock image of a man staring out of a window. A Reddit user said he decided to book a hotel room after a vacation with his entire family became difficult to handle because of all the complaints they were making.
Nenad Cavoski/iStock
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Why Buying Property in These International Vacation Destinations Could Be a Great Investment

Rrrainbow / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Rrrainbow / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Real estate can be a great way to generate both long-term equity and short-term rental income. If you’re willing to extend your reach a bit on the risk/reward spectrum, buying a property in an international destination can potentially bring even greater rewards.

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You’ll have to contend with additional risk factors — from currency fluctuations and governmental regulations to the distance and unfamiliarity of investing in a foreign land — but there can be sizable benefits to doing so. For example, you can often purchase properties overseas with similar or even better amenities than you can find in the United States at a far lower price point. You may also find that you enjoy the thrill of owning rental properties in exotic destinations around the globe.

With home prices in

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