Hiking Needs to Bring The Following Equipment

Hiking activities are in great demand from all walks of life and ages, especially for those who like the outdoors. However, we have to bring various equipment when going up the mountain so that the climbing experience is safer.

Interestingly, this mountain climbing activity does not only refresh the mind. You see, there are various other positive impacts that we can get, such as strengthening muscles and bones, improving heart health, and reducing the risk of respiratory problems.

With a note, you must bring all the equipment needed. Not without reason, climbing this mountain is likened to moving housing to the wild.

If you don’t bring the necessary equipment, the climbing experience might not be comfortable. So, before climbing make sure you bring all of the following mountain climbing equipment.

1. Carrier Bag

When hiking, you need a bag that can properly accommodate all of your belongings. Choose a …

Common Types of Weapons Used for Hunting and Survival

Throughout human history, the act of hunting and survival has been an essential aspect of human existence. From ancient times to the present day, individuals have relied on various types of weapons to procure food and protect themselves from potential threats in the wilderness. While modern technologies have introduced sophisticated hunting and survival tools, some traditional weapons have stood the test of time. Here, we will discuss some common types of weapons used for hunting and survival.

1. Bow and Arrow:

The bow and arrow have been a vital hunting tool for thousands of years. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a preferred choice for many hunters and survivalists. The bow is a flexible piece of wood or other materials, and the arrow is a projectile designed to be launched from the bow’s string. This weapon allows hunters to engage targets from a distance, increasing their chances of a successful …

The World’s Highest and Most Dangerous Waterfall

If in Indonesia there is the highest Sigura Gura Waterfall, then where is the highest waterfall in the world?
Is Angel Falls, the highest and most dangerous waterfall in the world. This waterfall in Canaima National Park, Venezuela, has a height of 979 meters.

The water that flows into a waterfall falls from a fissure near the summit of Mount Auyán-tepu, into a place known as Devil’s Canyon.
Not only is it considered one of the most dangerous, Angel Falls is also one of the most fascinating natural wonders in the world.

The history of Angel Falls in Venezuela

Prior to the mid-1950s, this waterfall was an unknown wonder. Even the native Kamarakotos Pómon who inhabit the valley beside Auyán-tepu stay away, believing that the remote location of Angel Falls harbors evil spirits.
In 1933, United States gold miner James Crawford (‘Jimmie’) Angel, discovered Angel Falls by accident, …