Sen. Rick Scott vacations in Italy amid black midterm outlook

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) is spending part of his congressional recess on a luxury yacht in Italy with his family after criticizing President Biden for vacationing in Delaware, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Scott is the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, whose job is to win back a GOP majority in the upper chamber. Republicans’ prospects for winning back the Senate have been worsening over the course of the summer, according to poll and analysis.

  • Scott is already under fire for his management of the committee.
  • Vacationing in Europe while Republicans face cash problems and rough headlines about their midterm chances could further hurt his standing with his GOP colleagues.

The big picture: Scott has been taking heat from Republican detractors who have criticized his job of recruiting strong candidates and managing the committee’s spending this cycle.

  • Republican candidates are underperforming across the Senate landscape. Trump-endorsed nominees
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‘Entitled’ Parent Demanding Free Vacation From Well Off Sibling Sparks Fury

A sibling quarrel over who pays for whose family vacations has divided the internet.

A well-off family member has for years treated a poor sibling to a vacation. But now a third sibling, who is “doing OK”, has questioned the arrangement, asking when their family will be entitled to benefit from the well-off sibling’s generosity.

Users of discussion site Mumsnet are divided over the rights and wrongs of the case, with 55 percent voting the post “unreasonable” and 45 percent disagreeing.

Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry. Stock Images. Three siblings have fallen out over their differing financial situations.
Getty Images

With the soaring cost of living forcing many people to sacrifice luxuries such as vacations and leisure activities, tensions among friends and family are likely to rise.

A 2017 study of 2,700 Americans by financial services firm Ameriprise Financial discovered that although a relatively low 15 percent of siblings have conflicts over money,

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Symptoms And Causes

TravelersTravelers features an icky, insidiously intelligent form of going undercover: agents from 100 years sooner or later take up residence in folks residing in the current’s bodies. It makes issues morally sophisticated. Like when a heroin junkie watches a man die from a heart assault and tearfully tells him that he knew it was coming.

Being committed to a group is similar as being committed to highschool or a job. Your bosses and lecturers rely on you to be there, they usually expect you to work arduous to turn into your finest. Becoming your finest for the sake of the entire is a superb teammate quality and in addition a precious lifelong trait. This, together with the opposite teammate traits talked about, builds our character and shapes us for a future of happiness and success.

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Ayesha Curry Sizzles in Beach Vacation Photos With Husband Stephen Curry

Ayesha Curry is living it up on the beach with her husband, Stephen “Steph” Curry.

The two are celebrating life on an island vacation, with Ayesha sharing shots of the trip on Instagram.

in her newest postAyesha stuns in an orange swimsuit and green bucket hat, standing in shallow water on the beach as she holds a champagne glass.

The second photo depicts Ayesha on the sand in the same suit (sans bucket hat) with champagne, as her husband stands next to her.

Ayesha captioned the photos: “Overcast with a chance of Champagne. .”

While Stephen is well-known as a basketball star, taking the Golden State Warriors to the championship this year, Ayesha built her own business with multiple cookbooks, a cookware line, and more.

It looks like she also made some friends in the field, as chef and cookbook author Ask Holland commented on the post, “Cute

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‘There is nothing you can ever do to make her happy’

A man doesn’t know how to handle his girlfriend’s response to him going on vacation.

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forums for help. His girlfriend doesn’t want him to go on an 11-day vacation without her. She insisted it was because she would be completely alone without him. But he doesn’t think that’s his problem.

“My (25F) girlfriend is crazy mad at me(24M) because I’m going on vacation with my group of friends,” he wrote. “Some of them are even bringing their girlfriends but mine isn’t going because she can’t take vacations at work.”

The girlfriend is upset because she would be alone for 11 days, doesn’t have any friends in her area and he won’t be able to text her all day. She’s also fuming because he’s the only guy who isn’t bringing his girlfriend.

“I love her but I’m not sure if I can keep

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Chrissy Teigen Rocks Elegant Dress for Family Dinner While on Vacation

Chrissy Teigen is living it up on vacation—and she’s looking stunning every step of the way.

The model made her way to Europe with husband, John Legendand their two kids, 6-year-old Luna and 4-year-old Miles.

Teigen took to Instagram to show off all the fun the family is having on their little getaway.

In the carousel of snaps, she can be seen wearing a stunning cream-colored dress with strappy high heels while posing in front of a window with vines growing up the sides.

In the following photo, Teigen strikes a pose with her hubby in front of the same window, only this time, her baby bump can be seen peeking through the dress.

While swiping through the images, you can see Teigen shuffling through a deck of Uno cards with a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and a body of water behind her.

The last few photos showcase the

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Travis Barker Tackles New Water Sport on Family Vacation

Travis Barker is a rockstar both on and off the stage—and his latest Instagram video is proof.

During a family vacation with wife Kourtney Kardashianthe Blink-182 drummer challenged himself with a new water activity.

In a video shared to the social media platform, Barker showed off his adventurous side by wakesurfing.

The activity is similar to wakeboarding, with the only difference being that the user releases the rope to ride the wave.

Barker captioned the clip: “Learn something new everyday ️🌊”

Rocking red swim trunks and a life vest, the musician seemed to get the hang of it for a bit before losing his balance and plopping into the water.

The picturesque background indicates that the footage was captured during the “lake life” getaway with Kardashian and her kids, Penelope and Reign Disickwho were pictured in separate shots on Instagram as well as her Instagram Story.

Barker previously

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Take a buffer day at the end of your next vacation

Welcome to The Upgrade, By The Way’s new series on travel hacks and hot takes. See how to submit here.

The way I traveled in my 30s is much different from the way I traveled in my 20s.

Living in Phoenix right after college, I became intimately familiar with red-eye flights back home to Ohio, often taking one Sunday and rolling straight into work Monday morning, without even stopping at my apartment. Taking those flights accomplished two very important things at the time — scoring the cheapest flight possible and squeezing every last minute out of a trip.

This kind of weekend-warrior traveling didn’t survive past my 20s. I became exhausted not having adequate time to recoup in between work and trips. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and travel came to a halt, like many others I found myself spending most of my time alone, which allowed me

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Montauk, Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard; Summer Vacation Ruined

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Every May to September, wealthy New Yorkers who may or may not have done financial crimes flee the city to beach enclaves up and down the East Coast. Normally the moats filled with alligators are enough to keep people feeling relaxed in their second and third homes, but this summer, all is not fine in vacation town. Here, a tour through the various complaints registered by the part-time residents and full-time locals of some of the country’s most expensive Zip Codes.

Nantucket is the New England destination for rich people who love whaling culture (aesthetically) and having generational wealth that dates back further than their peers. Now, it’s being destroyed by young TikTok influencers who have discovered the island, according to at least one somewhat thin New York Post story, as a place to live out their “coastal grandmother” fantasies, upsetting some locals who share their taste.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Turns Up the Heat on ‘Vacation Mode’ in Shimmering White Bikini

While the summer is starting to wind down, Alessandra Ambrosio is turning up the heat to almost scoring in her latest Instagram post. She’s reminding all of her followers to enjoy those last few lazy days of the sun, the beach, and those relaxing days off.

Wearing a tiny, shimmering white bikini paired with animal-print bikini bottoms, and sunglasses to match, the 41-year-old Brazilian model took a dip in the glistening water at her Montenegro hotel. She tiled her face up to the sun to catch every ray and flaunted her fit physique as she frolicked along the beach. Ambrosio’s caption for the carousel needed no explanation whatsoever, “Vacation mode,” she wrote. It looks like the perfect way to wrap up the season before the fall ushers in everything pumpkin spice and cooler weather.

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As a former Victoria’s Secret model, Ambrosio is used to traveling for a

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