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How to Earn Points By Paying Your Rent

Nomadic Matt's new Bilt Mastercard
Posted: 11/7/22 | November 7th, 2022

As an avid travel hacker, I’m always looking for new ways to earn more points and miles through my everyday spending. As a result, I earn over one million points every year, allowing me to enjoy all kinds of free flights and hotel stays, upgrades, lounge access, elite status, and more.

Travel hacking has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, and I wouldn’t be able to travel as much without it.

However, there’s traditionally been one huge expense that has always been hard to earn points for: rent.

For years, travel hackers have taken advantage of temporary offers that waive credit card fees or gone through complex procedures to pay their rent so they could get points.

But these maneuvers were all hit or miss and never lasted long. Thousands of potential points continued to be left on the

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Spieth Birdies Last For One

TravelersHeading to the automobile dealership to kick a couple of tires and browse at automobiles is all the time enjoyable whether you’re severe about purchasing or not. But for those who must make selections rapidly, doing the suitable homework earlier than heading to the dealership is something all of us have in frequent. It means we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the discussions we need to must make a sound financial determination. When you realize what you need, and you know what you may afford, the method is rather more pleasurable – you are buying a automobile in any case.

The Travelers have been an ancient neighborhood of gifted witches who apparently used powerful magic to attain nice things, together with things that had been frowned upon by different witches. Qetsiyah and Silas were two members of the Travelers and considered to be their strongest members. However, …

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The World’s Highest and Most Dangerous Waterfall

If in Indonesia there is the highest Sigura Gura Waterfall, then where is the highest waterfall in the world?
Is Angel Falls, the highest and most dangerous waterfall in the world. This waterfall in Canaima National Park, Venezuela, has a height of 979 meters.

The water that flows into a waterfall falls from a fissure near the summit of Mount Auyán-tepu, into a place known as Devil’s Canyon.
Not only is it considered one of the most dangerous, Angel Falls is also one of the most fascinating natural wonders in the world.

The history of Angel Falls in Venezuela

Prior to the mid-1950s, this waterfall was an unknown wonder. Even the native Kamarakotos Pómon who inhabit the valley beside Auyán-tepu stay away, believing that the remote location of Angel Falls harbors evil spirits.
In 1933, United States gold miner James Crawford (‘Jimmie’) Angel, discovered Angel Falls by accident, …

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