You Can See Jurassic Park

Sightseeing in the city of Batu is endless. This time will discuss about Jatim Park 3. One of the most favorite amusement rides in Batu, Malang. Offering a tourist concept with a prehistoric theme, which makes Jatim Park 3 unique, visitors will watch and take pictures with various types of replicas of large size dinosaurs. Both replicas of bones and body replicas from various types of dinosaurs.

Not only that, in Jatim Park 3, visitors can explore and learn the timeline of 5 epochs from prehistoric times. Here you will be presented with films about the life of dinosaurs and how they interact with other dinos. Not only that, there are two giant size trains with a capacity of 48 people and are ready to take you around to recognize various creatures from the Permian Period to the Ice Age era. With an informative narrative, make sure you know … Read more

What Should You Know about El Matador State Beach


El Matador State Beach is one of the more popular long sandy beaches in Malibu, California. El Matador State Beach is actually a pocket beach in Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach which belongs to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. People like to come to this beach to see the natural formations like large rugged boulders, arch rocks, and tide pools.

From the upper cliff, you can look down on the blue ocean and large boulders. Many people like to come to the beach to perform activities like bodyboarding, body surfing, and sunbathing. When in the water, you must be careful as there are rocks strewn all over in the bottom. There is no lifeguard services during the weekdays. On the weekend, there will be one person acting as lifeguard for the entire beach.

You can access El Matador State Beach by driving along the Pacific Coast Highway. … Read more

Why You Should Take A Group Tour to Australia

According to NBC News, traveling has been proved to reduce overall stress levels and only days of traveling can actually make you feel less anxious and more rested. There are many people all over the country who end up working almost 7 days a week, never having a break to themselves. Many people tend to consume their lives with working and or involved in the stressors of work on a regular basis. Many people also tend to forget about their personal lives and end up consuming a majority of their time working and or completing tasks for their jobs. It is very important that people realize how important it is to take a break from work and try to get away from it all. The amount of stress you face with being consumed with work and actually kill you in the long run. Sometimes, considering taking a vacation and … Read more

Pandawa The Secret Beach

Pandawa Beach: A Handy Guide For A Picture-Perfect Holiday!

One of the destinations that attracts the attention of travelers is Bali Pandawa Beach.

Its located in Kuta area and have a difference athmosphere.  Like Kuta Beach for example.

Even though now it’s not as secretive as before, it doesn’t mean that the charm is fading, huh. This one object still has a charm that is ready to be explored by anyone who intends to find a charming beach scene.

Another beach try to attract tourist to visit them. But Pandawa opened because tourist force to visit.

The history of Bali Pandawa Beach begins with the functioning of this destination as a place to run the Melasti Ceremony. This ceremony is a kind of ritual of purification for Hindus as a preparation to face Nyepi.

Because of this, people around here call this place Melasti Beach. In addition to religious rituals, objects located in Kutuh Village are often used as … Read more