Hiking Needs to Bring The Following Equipment

Hiking activities are in great demand from all walks of life and ages, especially for those who like the outdoors. However, we have to bring various equipment when going up the mountain so that the climbing experience is safer.

Interestingly, this mountain climbing activity does not only refresh the mind. You see, there are various other positive impacts that we can get, such as strengthening muscles and bones, improving heart health, and reducing the risk of respiratory problems.

With a note, you must bring all the equipment needed. Not without reason, climbing this mountain is likened to moving housing to the wild.

If you don’t bring the necessary equipment, the climbing experience might not be comfortable. So, before climbing make sure you bring all of the following mountain climbing equipment.

1. Carrier Bag

When hiking, you need a bag that can properly accommodate all of your belongings. Choose a carrier bag made of polyester to make it water resistant.
For example, if you want to climb a mountain for 2 days, choose a bag with a capacity of 30 liters.

2. Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is an equipment for hiking that you can’t miss, especially if you want to camp for a few days. You see, this one mat can make you sleep comfortably even though you are outside.

3. Tent

Want to climb a mountain that requires an overnight stay, like Pangrango? So, you have to bring a tent for your needs to rest and sleep at night. Adjust the size of the tent according to the number of people.

4. Mountain Shoes

You can’t climb mountains in random shoes. You see, mountain shoes are specifically designed to protect feet from bruises and rough wilderness abrasions. So, you can go through uphill and rocky roads more easily.

5. Cooking Tools

Other mountain climbing equipment that is no less important is the cooking utensil set. You see, you need to prepare your own dishes while camping in nature.

6. Tableware

Don’t forget to bring eating utensils when climbing the mountain. Some types of cutlery that you need to bring are spoons, forks, and simple places to eat.

7. Raincoat

Just in case, we need to bring a raincoat when going up the mountain. So, you don’t have to worry about getting wet if it rains. Choose a raincoat that is equipped with a zipper so that it is practical when worn.

8. Jacket

The function of the jacket as a mountain climbing equipment is quite essential. You see, you can prevent hypothermia or extreme cold conditions. If it’s winter, bring a fairly thick jacket. Meanwhile, in hot weather, choose a light jacket.

9. Flashlight

You can use a flashlight to illuminate the path traveled while climbing the mountain and make a distress signal at night. In fact, you can use a flashlight to defend yourself in an emergency.