Friend Trips For Lasting Friendships

You’ve known each other for decades and kept in touch over Facebook—now it’s time for you and your group of friends to plan a long overdue get-together. Get creative and it will be easy to design a trip that appeals to everyone.

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Identify Common Interests

Perhaps you became friends due to common interests but that was long ago and things have changed. As you have grown up you have likely discovered different passions and hobbies. One likes nature hikes and another likes museums? No problem! If each traveler makes a list of favorite activities there is sure to be some degree of overlap. Favor the activities with the widest appeal but be sure to include at least one from everyone’s list. Balance active, exciting days with low-key relaxation. Larger groups tend to splinter off into smaller clusters occasionally so schedule at least a few common tours and meet for dinner each night to share the day’s experiences.

Add on Greatness

Multiple destinations make it a cinch to book everyone’s favorite activity. Book a train tour or a cruise but add a day or two to enjoy the departure city first or add on a couple days afterward for one final fling. For example, if you’re planning a Caribbean cruise out of Galveston, Texas arrive two days early to take in the historic mansions, tour the museums or learn to surf. After the cruise board the galveston to houston shuttle and splurge on a professional football, baseball or basketball game.

Go Somewhere New

If you are a cadre of childhood friends it can be fun to meet up back in the old neighborhood for a few days, but seeing how the place has changed can be bittersweet and if some members of the group have stayed close by they may get stuck with all the entertaining responsibilities. It’s more exciting to share experiences that are new to all. Think outside the box and don’t shy away from less prestigious destinations. Find your own hidden gems; with the right people any location can turn into a five-star holiday.