The Beauty of Lake Como and Villa Recommendation

When visiting Italy, try to see one of the natural beauty that is there. Lake Como, is one of them. Lake Como is located in Lombardy, northern Italy bordering the Po Valley and the Alps. The Lombardy region is also the Italian and Swiss border. Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy, with a depth of 400 meters. Lake Como spends about 40 km from Milan to the south. Just minutes from the Swiss border and George Clooney.

Water in Lake Como tends to be calm. And the most special thing is that this lake is surrounded by extraordinary scenery. From the lake Como can be seen a row of majestic Alps. Lake Como has been a favorite of tourists since ancient Rome. Many famous people have or own a house on the shores of Lake Como. They are Matthew Bellamy, Madonna, George Clooney, Gianni Versace, Ronaldinho, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Branson, Ben Spies, and Pierina Legnani. Lake Como is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

The uniqueness of Lake Como

Generally the shape of the lake is usually round or oval. But not with Lake Como. This lake is shaped like an overturned Y letter. So that when we look from the map, it will look like the person who is running.

Because the lake is quite large, which is 146 square kilometers, the position of the lake is spreading in several cities. Each ‘foot’ is located in the City of Lecco and Como. The ‘nose’ is located in Domasso City. The position ‘waist’ is in the City of Belaggio.

The villa is a decoration of Lake Como, because in this lake there are many villas that are very beautiful and comfortable to live in. You can rent several villas according to your holiday budget. We recommend the best villas in lettings lake como, here are reservations and rentals of all villas directly through the owner.

Vacationing by renting a villa has other advantages, following the advantages of staying at the Villa:

Staying at the villa will make your privacy, friends, relatives, or partner more awake.

There are more complete facilities such as a private swimming pool, tennis court, playground, kitchen and cooking utensils.

Privacy allows you to carry out formal and informal events with a lower budget but maximum facilities. This is different if you are staying at a hotel, where you will get a warning if the event is too crowded or noisy. You can make events such as new year holidays, family parties, birthdays, and others.

If you are vacationing with a large family, it will be better if you rent a private villa because you do not need to share facilities with other people.

Condition of intimacy and warmth with friends, family and partners will be more easily create because of the support facilities and services the villas.

So when will you go to Lake Como?